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Post  Admin on 26th May 2010, 15:08

* Add the leaders their xfire before posting.

* Only copy the questions.

We are searching the following aspects in a player

* Maturity: Simply act mature.

* Honesty: Be honest with your application form, don't lie about Ex-clans, Age, Location..

* Loyalty: We expect the accepted members to stay in the clan.

Personal information

# 1 Name:
# 2 Age (15+):
# 3 Location:
# 4 English skills:
# 5 Tell us a bit about yourself:

Gaming information

# 1 Name in game:
# 2 Previous names:
# 3 Xfire:
# 4 Guid:
# 5 Experience in CoD (years/hours):
# 6 Top 3 past clans and why you left them:
# 7 Reasons for joining:
# 8 Teamspeak2 (& 3)/mic:
# 9 Other gaming experience:

* If any field is missing, we won't even bother checking you out. Every field needs to be filled in.

* Be sure to post this as a new topic and not as a reply to this one. Also note that you don't name your topic 'Blabla reporting in' or anything such as, only your in-game name will do. We like to wish every applicant goodluck.



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